Monday, December 24, 2007

Afternoon run - 8K

Got back quickly today after teaching a diploma class. I missed my morning run today, so I decided to run in the afternoon. I wanted my son to join me for the run too. He rode his mountain bike, and we decided to take a route that took us to the back of Punggol estate, that provided a scenic run amongst, trails, rivers and a beautiful view of the sea. He had it coming because the trail ride was hard. The sand, hampering his ride cos the soft ground, laden with puddles that were filled with monsoon rain that have been pelting Singapore for the last 3 weeks. The short down hills and riding through the puddles was enough to distract my son from the distance he had to cover.

We covered 8 K, over 46 minutes. I had to stop a few times to help him with the bike and we now have strategy to get him to keep pace with me. I call it cruising as I push from his back when he slowed down.

In the 46 mins I stayed in Zone 4 averaing 28 minutes in this zone. Avr Hr was 157. Peak R was 180. It felt moderately hard. As I slowly get fit, I will include, interval runs in January. We finished our training session today right where we started. It was a hard ride for my son. Cycling seems to excite him more then running and I need him to enjoy these rides. A good drink is enough to get you past the pain of exhaustion so I bought 2 ice cappachinos for both of us and we had that drink at the play ground.
Compared to my girl, Musiab is far more emotional and kind. He has a kindness in him that I sometime admire in awe. Today he even shared his drink when I have finished mine. He let me drink his share and this gentle disposition is a trait I have yet to see in my 4 year old girl. He is more like his mother.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

40 K morning ride

Today morning I took my new bike out for a 40 k ride to check it out. This bike that was build by the good folks from TEF bikes who are based just opposite Thomson Rd Hospital. Good decent folks to say the least. It is here Jerome and Jasni the bike engineers work and they will fix your bike and advice you without any hinge of looking you down. Decent cyclist and great guys.
I bought a pair of shoes at a shop at Bukit Timah road. The owner of the shop would probably have served the expat folks more then the locals here. I was asked what bike I wrote when I was browsing their things. The thick upper lip is not exclusive to the Brits cos it looks like some shop owners have assimilated this metamorphosis. Don't think I will go back to the shop, unless I need to change the shoes I bought there.

Well the bike that I am riding now is a great piece of machine. It is flat like a cervelo and and It carries a aggressive 77 degrees seat angle. I also got ultegra 10 speed gear set from TEF. The 10th gear is great for the uphills. Today's ride nearly ended in a crash as I was getting used to the bike. When I looked back at my blind spot before making the turn, the bike veered to the left, going over the metal cages and nearly hitting the kerb. I kept my hands on my handle bars and just hoped I did not lose control of the bike. The bike stayed its course and the crash was averted.

Toady's 40 K ride ended in 1 hr 20 mins and this is the start of my training season. My buddy was not out with me in the morning, hence I rode alone. Here's is a picture of me riding. Took this photo whilst I was riding, hence the look of worry and trying to keep the bike steady.
I need to do some adjustments on my bike. They are;
1. Need to move the seat back a bit
2. Cut of the horns on the handle bar
3. Lastly cut off 3 cm off the aero bar as well.
4. Take off 2 spacers off the fork.

My own assessment on riding a time trial bike, .. it feels nice. My neck nor my back ached after the ride. So the bike has been fitted just right.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

6 K morning run on Friday

Well, starting to run again in the wee hours of the morning now. Work up at 6.00 and left home at 7.00 am to do a quick run before marking papers for the subject I am teaching to Diploma students. Well, it felt great to push out in the morning as I laced my shoes and ran out in Punggol. The HRM numbers were at 160-165 and it felt like I was pushing it a bit. The pace of fast but it felt controlled.

From my block to the MRT station and back to the play ground. I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago and I was nursing its bruise. That did not act up at all.

The run felt smooth and it felt great to get past this little set back. Did a 50K bike that week as well. This was the first time I was testing out my bike. The handle bars felt a little bit away and it will require a bit of adjustment to streamline my new time trial bike to my size.

I have since purchased a pair of serfas, 3 laced cyclign shoes as well. Will take it for a spin on Sunday and see how it feels then. The bike requires a bit of adjustment.

The aero needs to be cut about 2 com from the end. Likewise the bull horns needs a bit of twigging too. This would mean I would have to ensure the armrrest remains flat so I can reach the break levers instinctively when I ride. The bike is quite light weighing under 10Kg.

Al that leaves for me to do now is to train systematically for 3 races next year.

I have decide on the 3 races that I will take part locally;
1. SAFRA Biathlon
2. City Duathlon
3. Osim Triathlon

One ironman race just before the fasting month.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Season to Start Training again

It has been 2 months since I last made an update eon my blog. having completed the half ironman, I reeled back in defeat as I nursed my ITB injury for 2 months. 1 month after my race a casual 6K run was infused with a limb as I realised I have not fully recovered from my injury. I rested 1 more month and since the start of December I have started to run again. December will a month for runs and recovery swims. I managed 3 decent runs as of last week. Today's run wld have been the most invigorating as I left home at 7.00 in the morning heading towards the Punggol Beach. The run started slowly, as I gained momentum after 10 minutes. The rustic country side feel in Punggol gets you out of the concrete jungle that you practically see everywhere in Singapore. There were very few cars on the roads and all I had to focus on was the acute pain on my knees and just gently roll with the hills at Punggol road. Either side of road, masked and shaded with beautiful green trees that will shelter you even if you run at midday.

Here and on this route, I say hello to my nemesis, Singapore Outward Bound, with whom we Teamwork Bound compete neck to neck in providing services to corporate clients. This is where David meets Goliath, like in the streets of Gaza, where kids stand up to soldiers. This is where Teamwork Bound, stands neck to neck with established, well funded learning providers and we are able to make a difference with clients coming to us commissioning us to cutomise their training programs.

My knees were not acting up, but importantly, my stamina has not dipped either. My heart-rate zone were between 150 and 175 and I felt cool and comfortable with the pace. My brother competitors do watch out, cos I have never felt like this before in my other sessions over the years when I started training again after 2 months of inactivity. Hence the 9 months of training I endured this year has shaped my heart my lungs and core muscles in the legs and upper body. The run was not slow, it was moderate, right to the jetty. Touched the metal barricades turned back on the same route I cam on. The uphills started to challenge me a bit and I realised how simple artifacts can just keep you going. I have started consciously wear Lance Armstrong wrist band now. I has been with me for the good 4 years now. I lost this band couple of times only to find it back again somewhere in my house. As I suffered on the uphill, glancing on the band, the words summed up my resolve not to stop and just run. Live Strong. Commit and clear clarity on your purposeful conduct and goals on where you want to be. A simple band became a conscience checker as i know, 40 million people around the world who wear this same band look to it for encouragement. I did not stop on this run, not on this route, where I fight my daily battles in trying to make Teamwork Boound a preferred provider for experiential learning programs. I made my way back to the housing estate running past Edgefield primary school and back to the my block near the basketball court. The time now was 8.10 am and I have finished my day's work out and it felt great. It felt even more better to now that the year 2008 will be a year, where I will compete even more aggressively on the Tri circuit in Singapore.