Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Early morning Run

Well just wanted to describe the early morning run today that started at 5.30 am in the morning. Ever since my stomach flu, I have realized not taking the antibiotics makes you vulnerable enough to get sick again. That happened on Friday after my swim training session. My body has not fully recovered from flu and I still training to get fit for the TRi race. On sat, I had slight fever and running nose. I rested from Sunday to Monday and early Tuesady morning I did my run. A slow steady pace that took me around Punggol to the ghost house near the mass rapid station followed by the run up the bridge and back to my block again. It was invigourating to say the least. Just the smell of the morning air, the wet road and sound of the heart rate monitor beeping each time it passed the 160 zone. That was great, a good 40 minutes run in my zone of 162.

I missed a training session yesterday, so I will follow up with a second training session that will include a bike ride. I need to do errands today and I guess I will be biking to get them done today.

The swim session involved the following drills, 5 laps warm up using the front crawl, with 5 X 2 laps at 2: 45, followed through with 5 laps warm down at 7: 45, my condfidence in using front crawl and I may use this stroke for the OSIM tri race. At this speed, I reckon I may complete the 1.5 km distance in 45 minutes which is far cry from the 35 minutes I was able to do with breast stroke.

Lets see how things go. In ten days, I will leave for India and training under 40 degrees heat will prove to be interesting.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Bike ride, bug and split shoes

Last week may not be the best of days for me for training. Unfortunately, the long bike ride I initiated on thursday did not end up the way I envisaged. On our ride from Punggol to Woodlands I dropped my bottle and as I stopped riding and dismounted to pick it up, my shoes literally ripped into two. To keep riding I had to find a stray string on the sidewalk that helped to keep the shoe in place as I pedaled on. Heres a picture taken on a Nokia phone camera.

Well, when thngs happen when you least expect it, it is best to just to accept it with a smile and move on. I rode on, until Upper Bukit Timah rode and this time my rear tire when flat when I hit a small pot hole. Well I was screwed this time round and there ended my bike ride after 40K. I hailed a taxi and got back home in style on a mercedes cab, who had a full karaoke set. This dude is simply amazing, he even belted out a popular hindi tune for me. Simply amazing.
I was quite dehydrated and ended up puking everything I ate for lunch and dinner. Getting to the clinic itself was toturous walk. I thought I could just collapse on the side walking to the clinic at Punggol plaza. It took 2 days for me to recover. Thus a lot of my time was spent on running and fixing my bike.Well, I have reglued my cycling shoe, and I
will take the bike for a spin today on my way to the mosque for my friday prayers and include a swim session in the afternoon. This week has been good, as I was able to include 4 sets of running sessions, with one session at night that kept me in the zone of 163 for 55 minutes. My kids and Afroz are still in India and I look foward to joining then in a weeks time. Here's a picture of my team, the picture I took before they boarded the flight for Thiruchi. Man I miss my two little ones. My little girl never fails to admire me when I gear up to rde. She would look at me in the corner of her eye and will say, "you look cool"everytime I step out with my bike. A pretty lass, who may just take on to what I do, when she grows up.