Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Month Training

It has been hard for me to get back to a regular intensive work outs ever since I left the corporate world to start up my own biz. It got harder when projects came about in sudden surges and I had to grapple with lecturing at Temasek Poly. However, Teamwork Bound as a company is making in roads and I can now start training seriously for the 70.3M ironman race in Singapore.

I started off by charting a training program that included swim, bike and run drills over a period of 4 weeks. For the month of April I was able to stick to this training plan quite consistently and this month would by far have been the most consistent month where I have trained hard over one month.

The first week, included bike rides during week days. On one of these rides, I nearly crashed twice on 25 K ride that included running an errand. I nearly hit a Mercedes along upper Serangoon road when he stopped suddenly and the back wheel danced a skid swerving left and right whilst I tried to maintain balance by not losing control of the bike. However on that same day as I rode towards Bendermeer, the lack of traffic just got me excited again as I crank the pedals really hard to pick up speed. One one of these surge, my cleats attached to the pedals came off when I extended my legs really hard on the down stroke. That was enough to scare me as the front wheels hit a small pot hole and the 1 second of time felt like eternity as I once again tried to gain control of the bike. As I looked back, a lorry was trailing me and falling off here would certainly mean I would have been rode over by that lorry. This was scary and providence held my hands and once again I did not crash. I stopped, took stock of the situation and the Adrenalin rush to remind myself, focus also involves situational awareness so as not to make a silly mistake by crashing the bike on a busy road. It also meant, I have 2 kids who will be waiting for me when they get back from school and real focus, will require to look after myself when I ride on the busy roads of Singapore.

Since then I have been training hard. The runs are now timed at about 25-60 mins and I able to maintain my heart rate zone between 160 - 165. On slow runs, I maintain 155. I have also started interval training at Punggol with my son Musaib. He rides the bike, whilst I chase him on a 600 m loop that take me 2 mins 06 secs to complete.

The session at home on the rollers, is able to get my heart rate pumping real hard as I am to average 205 bits per min when I do a 10 K ride on the rollers. The body is shaping up , as I am started to loose weight and the mind is getting sharper.

I have also registered to take part in the Ironman rce in Singapore in September.