Sunday, February 15, 2009

The straw that pained the camel's back

Jan had been a tiring week with projects that we had to deliver week after week. With Feb kicking in I found the going hard enough to juggle both work and my resolve to training harder. The heart is getting stronger and all my runs now amount to at least 5km run each time I run. My swim distance is getting longer too and on my weekend swims, my hands tire quite a bit to the extend it becomes discomforting when I sleep at night. Stress and use of a cheap pillow has resulted in a stiff neck that I was able to get around by using a hard pillow now. 

With all that taking place in Jan, for Feb I completed a spectacular run at Macritchie Reservoir after sending my son to his religious school on Sat. The famed run that took me around the coastal side of the man made lake to the fitness stations and back cross country style weaving through 2 hills to the starting point. There is a hill at the start point that meanders up on a 45 degrees incline, I decided to run that portion all the way up to the memorial land mark of Singapore's famed soldier Lim Bo Seng. An intellect who was an astute soldier. I believe, his children, many of whom have served in the Singapore Elite Specialist Force, Commandos. On the subject of commandos, will I be able to take on some of the boys in this elite unit. I think I can and I will be working towards a fitness level that will allow me to compete neck to neck with these boys in the months to come. The fast 6 K run ended on top of this hill that would have been about 150 m from ground. The mind, is stronger that you think and I finished that day's run with a sprint that took the life out of me at the finish. This will be my routine every Sat in the months to come. 

I will be roping my wife to join me for this run next week. Today we purchased 3 pairs of running shoes at Queensway shopping centre. I kept to the same Asics Cumumulus model thatI  used last year and my wife and son decided to go with New Balance. My son was in class today and I had to choose his shoe for him. The pair that he got, excited him enough to go for a 4.00 pm run today as I took an afternoon nap nursing a sore back. That run yesterday was the straw that pained my fragile lower back.