Thursday, February 21, 2008

Audacity of Hope

Today I just want to write about HOPE and Barrack's Obama's take on this. He even rode a book based on the same title. If you have a chance to hear his speeches, you will be amazed how words can be articulated so charismatically. He spoke about hope when Hillary Clinton mocked his speeches as only just empty rhetoric, McCain has started to do the same in his speeches. What amazed me was Barrack's background, a seemingly innocuous small build black man taking on the big boys in American politics without the pedigree heritage of being part of a political clan, like Bush or the Kennedys.

Hope is a perspective on how you view the circumstances around you. The one single optimistic frame of mind that you bring to chaos and challenges that swirls you. Hope was the very rope I held on to when I founded Teamwork Bound then. Between then and now we have reached milestones one after another. What amazes me more about Barrack, is that his campaign unlike all other Presidential hopefuls in the past and inclusive of Hillary and McCain, is not funded by any lobbyist or special interest group. From a little known senator from Illionios, Barrach has stirred so much interest in me, that I am following the American Presidential campaign and with an e-mail update from their website. Tonight, I received an e-mail from the Barrack's campaign team. They have since surpassed 1 million donors who have donated between $5 and $25 dollars each and this includes the 10 straight victories he has achieved against Hillary. This excites me even more to read about this man. And within the pages of this book, "The audacity of hope" lies the story of a simple man, who made it past a struggle to perhaps become the next president of the United States.

Simply amazing.