Monday, June 15, 2009

Trifactors 60K

This is us, my son, my training partner who has been training real hard in preperation for his Ironman race in 2010 and the struggling father who has been working hard to esnure Teamworkbound rides the current economic crisis. On the13th of June my first cycling race using my Leader bike took place in the Trifactor series 60K bike ride. My son's new bike Raliegh was tested out today as well.

My cheer leader Fatimah Zahra who was there to cheer as on. Though introverted, she showed a cheeky side in her every time Young Sheong was around.

Musaib at the starting line and in this race both father and son learnt a very big lesson. the father who made a lot of assumptions and the son, who did not listen hard enough. I was unfair to my son and expected him to know the loops and rules that he was not familiar with, hence he had a tough ride.

This race was a datum of sorts for me for I realized I still have some decent finish in me yet, even tough have not trained hard in cycling this year due to work. I was able to complete the 60K ride in 2 hrs 08 mins, in the 4 laps ride, that I will describe as an eye opener. I was able to maintain 30K/hr speed for 3 laps and at one point, when I saw my son, my speed even went up to 34 k/hr, that andrenaline shot at lap 3 was a surprise for me.

My race data: 60K ride
Avs: 28.9
Time: 2hrs 08 min
Feeling: Felt great and I know I can do better

Musaib had a tough race, as one of the youngest competitor he rode hard on a montain bike. At night when we slept together after that race, he looked a me with a sad look in his eyes he recounted about his race. He made a wrong turn, and during his ride when he kept close to the left and the track had enough space for 5 bike riding side to side, one Jerk who rode a Cervelo, shouted expletives at him for riding on the left. A 10 year old boy was riding his race and the Cervelo jerk, shouted as if he was a tour de france cyclist. To this jerk, my resolve to race you down in any race I take part in, I am not too sure who you are but to use such a word in a race on a 10 year old boy is uncalled for. It showed the mentality of a typical Singaporean, at best described as Kiasu. Is this us, living in a developed country without the trappings of being civil.
For me t felt great seeing him on the bike and he was my motivation to finish this race. I have not rode 60K for close to 6 months and this ride would not have happened for me if not for my son. Watch us on this video, I am the dude in purple and thats my son with his blue raleigh frame.