Monday, July 30, 2007

Anti Climax - OSIM Triathlon

Just before the thunder clouds came in

The OD distance for the OSIM triathlon was an anti climax to say the least. The day started out fine with clear blue skies in the morning. As the pros took off at 8.00 am everyone else, specifically the mere mortals and your average joe and jane waited for our start at 11.00 am. That was when the weather turned. The rain clouds rushed in as a result of the south west monsoon and it started to rain. The calm sea clamped its teeth as she showed how easily she can turn choppy. For the athletes it became a cold wait by the beach as officials scrambled to stop the race. Those who were on the swim leg were picked up like flies using the safety boats and the cycling race was stopped. For the rest of us, we huddled around 2 makeshift shelters that we could find. The picture above will show how heavy the rain was going to get just before we started.

Organisers in view of our safety cancelled the swimming leg of the race and we had to settle for a 400 m run to our bikes and follow through with a bike and run. I saw our sportsman politician Teo Ser luck behind me as we ran for our bikes. All due respects to my MP and former school mate in NYJC and NTU, as I respectfully gave way to him. By the way he is a good guy who runs and bikes well too.

The bike ride was a scary one, as we had to manage quite a number of turns on a road that was already wet. The snooty riders who were riding the Cervelos were fast. So was I , averaging between 32km /hr to 35 km/hr for the 20 K ride. My hats off to the newbies who were riding borrowed bikes and mountain bikes for this race. Had more respect for them then the cervelos that passed me.
The transitioning section from Bike to run took place in rain soaked muddy field. It was wet, wet and muddy. We had to carry our bikes to our station to get our shoes. I always get blisters when I run using a wet pair of shoes and this time I tried to wear my socks that just w
ould not go in to my foot. I tossed it away and quickly started on the 5 K run. Saw my kids and wife who were there to cheer me at the hawker centre.

The run was easy as I passed my family and pushed to finish the duathlon now. A race day became another training day that was laced with funfair and crowd. The final leg of my run was cool as I tapped my girl as I passed her. My son was cheering me on and boy did that feel good. Close to the finishing line, I out ran two dudes who passed me. It felt great to hear the DJ announce my name as I ran to the finish line for the run. A quick flex of my right hand showed a timing of 1: 1o mins for the 20 K ride and 5 K run. My time for the ride was 37 mins. It was a wet muddy and but uneventful day for me and the rest of the triathletes who took part in this race.