Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monfort Boys 4F

This blog is dedicated to motley crew of primary 4 boys who represented 4F in the school's sports day. A team of 10 boys who did not make the cut to represent the class in the premier events such as hurdles, passing the baton of the any of the individual event. These boys were picked to take part in the fun event and they performed like a team and were the only boys in the class to bring back a medal.

It was amazing to say the least, to watch the boys run. As stood in line, by son, who was a member in this team sat reclusively hoping to win and but knowing well enough that some of his team mates did not take the event seriously and others had many a times dropped the ball from the cone, hence diminishing their chance to win even in a practice session.

I told my son, it did not matter, what event he took part in, he still needed to make sure if was 100% effort on his part and he must run the race according to the rules. The boys in this instance did more than that, they had teamwork and a will to win. Their Teacher Mr. Lai, also believed and encouraged the 10 year old boys and it a joy a to see the team win and more so for the father who was watching his son run.

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