Saturday, March 28, 2009

Morning Ride - Aphroz's journey

Today's morning ride started at 6.30 am, I finished my fajar prayers in the morning and decided to commit to my regime to get fit. We have recently bought rubber bracelets for the company. Embedded in the bracxelet is our logo Teamworkbound. The bracelet has to have a meaning behind its wear. Lance's bracelet is about living strong, mine is about the Struggle, to overcome. Like my wife, who made the momentous leap from a sleepy rurual village to partnering me in my struggles in Singapore. My wife Aphroz, is my far the most patient, empathetic and kind person I have known to date. Her kindness to me and her will to leave behind her family and freinds in India is quite extraordinary. I have taken that for granted and never much appreciated the sacrifices she has made for the family. From raising our two kids and looking after my parents, she has done her part to the best of her ability.

Last year after 10 year, from the time she left school, I enrolled her on a dipoloma course to learn financial management. She studied at Temaek Poly 3 times a week, undergoing the stress of studying online during the day and completing the examinations during the semaster ends, whilst making sure the children were taken care of and helping me out in our buisness. If was hard for her to say the least. It would have hard for anyone else too. I remembered the days, when I made my demands to get the financial invoices out for the company and she required help for assignments and very intentionally I did not provide any. I wanted her to earn her own diploma, the hard way, the essence and fruits of that journey will be valued more. She cleared her examinations and got her diploma on her Birthday yesterday.
These were my thoughts when I rode this morning.

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