Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 1 training set with 120 days more to go

Off and on I was able to get back in shape no matter how far back I got in the days when I was super fit. At 40 hitting 41, the motivation to pick up the shoes to run or even bike gets harder. I really needed to get inspired to do that run lately. Remember the days when you were a school athlete and the mantra then was "no pain no gain", I lived that motto to the T, I ran so hard I got shin splints. The shoes I had got worn out in 3 months. I even ran from home to school when I was 14 years old. They were the days of real hard running, when I was able to push my body and soul, thinking, there was Satvinder Singh, Maran and Adrian Singh who will be doing the exact same thing, running hard.

This week, I have decided to have fun, not to run hard anymore. It does not have to be hard push every day. I decided to look at the trees and even stop to have a drink when I started to run this week. That had made me enjoy my daily workouts even more. This week I cap my training session with 3 runs and a bike ride.

The bike ride lasted 48K, with 8 K long run accompanied by two 5k runs.

So instead of working your butts off, I have decided to pay attention to the journey instead of the race. John Wooden, in his book "Wooden on Leadership" wrote an insightful piece on leadership. Success is what you find not in the end, but how you run your race. Its about,
- Planning
- Preparation
- Practice
- Performance.
That made sense for me. The journey has to be better than the Inn. So this is my journey now. Heres a link to his life accomplishments should you want to read it.
120 days more to go before the Aviva half ironman 2010, the D-day for my race.

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Anonymous said...

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